I am the publisher of the original AUDIOGRAM newsletter. This blog is an attempt to introduce, once again, certain audio components and software that may have been overlooked or under-valued. The emphasis is on the best music reproduction available and affordable to the widest possible audience.

My assumption is that the reader likes music and prefers to listen to it more than to the audio equipment itself which helps reproduce it. The equipment does have sound and can color the output signal. Certainly speakers have their own sound, but so do amplifiers and other components. Nevertheless, do we want to obsess over the sound of the equipment? If we do then we should be prepared to spend a great deal of money.

Even if we do we will never achieve the sound of a live acoustical performance of music. That may not be the goal of some. However, allow me to define an audiophile is one who wants to get back as close as possible to the sound as it is being recorded. I like the  slogan used by the late great Peter J. Walker: “The closest approach to the original sound.” Quality home audio is, after all, only an approach to the performance of music and not the actual performance.

Music reproduction is a fascinating subject. Together, let us explore some of the emerging technology while we reminisce a bit about the products of the past that carried us along this journey. But we must remember one thing:

People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. – Issac Asimov