Wanted to share a few things on my mind concerning our beloved audio.

Should I upgrade my components?

Hmm. It is easy to believe that the newest thing I hear is a breakthrough product. If it were, why is it so easily traded for something newer?

Maybe the best way to upgrade my sound is to buy better recorded music. I have found that as I have upgraded my program material I have also upgraded my enjoyment of music.

Should I buy expensive headphones?

Maybe? If I am going to use them for casual listening then I am not going to be able to hear the improvement in the sound. Maybe I need them because I am a recording engineer? Hah, I am not a recording engineer. But aren’t they more accurate than speakers because the best phones have lower distortion and more resolving power. Yes, but I am not a recording engineer. I want my music in the room and not my head. I like to feel the low notes as well as hear them. Besides there are so many great sounding headphones at very reasonable prices. But I like those Earspeakers!

Aren’t there new models of bookshelf speakers that sound as good as or better than the little AudioEngines. and are similarly priced?

Maybe, but most of them do not include a built-in class A/B amplifier that is matched perfectly to the speakers. Getting the right amplifier is an important part in selecting a speaker system. The amps often cost more than the speakers. And if they are any good, they cost way more than the speakers. Yes, but I need an excuse to spend more money.

What is all this about sound quality? Why cannot you enjoy a piece of music regardless of that?

When I go to a live concert, do I say to myself: “I wish I had a worse seat in the hall so that the sound would not be as good?” People spend more money on tickets that offer better seating. Why would they do that? They want to hear a great performance but they want to hear as much of it as possible. Could be that these are audiophiles without knowing it. Well I can just make it official and declare them to be audiophiles anyway.

How about a double blind A/B comparison to make the best determination about what component sounds best?

Nah, I really do not listen to music that way. Maybe I could just see how much I enjoy the music for a reasonable length of time if I substituted a new component into my audio system. Of course, if I am listening to a low quality recording will I be able to determine if a new amp adds to the fidelity of the recording? But what if I have great ears and this amp goes all the way to eleven?